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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Skywatch Friday - Sky Above Jade Dragon Snow Mountain

Hey friends, I'm back after a week's absence! I've been chasing clouds and last week, the chase ended in China! Yes, I flew to Kunming, China on the 18th of February, and arrived back in Mygardenhaven this evening. As you can see, I couldn't wait to share with you the photographs I took while in Kunming, Dali and Lijiang in the province of Yunnan. As it is a Friday today, I'll start with these spectacular sky views above Yu Long Xue Shan, translated as Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, in LIjiang.

The name of the mountain is inspired by its shape - that of a gigantic dragon which is snow-clad all the year round. Looking at the white clouds above me, I imagined that they were the spirit of the dragons guarding the mountain.

The skies here are a deep azure, a perfect colour for the background canvas for Nature to paint the  mountains, glaciers and of course, the white clouds.

From the vantage point of Spruce Meadow, you can see how it feels for the clouds to have allies in the form of the tall spruce trees standing guard at the foot of the mountain.

There are so many more skyscapes I would be sharing on Skywatch Fridays in the coming weeks. In the meantime, let's go watch more skies by clicking on the Skywatch Friday link at the bottom of this page.


  1. Gorgeous, wish I was there, brush in hand.

  2. @ gagarden - Thanks for visiting. Your photographic skills would have done more justice to this mountain! Was looking for your paintings on your blog...where do you keep them?

  3. WOW!! What beautiful pictures! I have yet to find anything created by man as beautiful as that created by nature.

  4. @ Casa Mariposa - I think so too. Just to see this justifies the journey there.

  5. WOW! Thats a VERY BEAUTIFUL shot!

  6. @ D O M O - Thanks Tracie! Glad you like the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain.

    @ Ellada - Just lovely, lucky we had snowfall the night before and the snow was still on the ground. The snow-caps were more impressive after the snowfall.


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