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Monday, February 14, 2011

A Haphazard Arrangement of Happy Flowers

I couldn't forego a week of  Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day, or Mosaic Monday, or Today's Flowers, or Fertilizer Friday,or ABC Wednesday so no matter how busy I was, I stole some time to present this collage of what is in my garden today. With this collage count me in for all the memes I mentioned above.

Mosaic Monday
This happy mix of photos taken in my garden is as busy as the photographer-gardener-blogger they belong to.  However, there's great harmony in this thematic presentation of a happy garden.

Today's Flowers
For you, I offer my pale petunias, my pink and red dianthus, my deep red hydrangeas, my vermillion gerberas, my creamy yellow water-lilies, my lilac hydrangeas, my ripe, orange kumquats, and my deep purple water-lilies. I an not doing justice to each of these flowers I have mentioned, but I promise to feature them one at a time in the following weeks.

Fertilizer Friday
A tribute to the magic of fertilizing our plants...all of these flowers are in peak performance mode, thanks to the tender loving care provided by the mulching, the organic fertilizers and the watering...brought to you by yours truly, the galloping gardener. I practically had to pick up speed to Mach 5 to get all these chores done for the garden to look great for the festive season.

ABC Wednesday
Now how am I going to convert my happy mix of flowers for the letter D? With disdain for the game, and not dutifully sticking to the rules? No, that would be disgaceful. D it is for this Wednesday. D for the apparent disorder of  my photographs. Yes, let's debate on a collage representative of  Disorder or Delight? I speak for Delight! This collage is definitely a delight for the beholder. When the eyes get tired of the details of macro images, they can turn to a collage . Let our sense of sight drift in delectable delight over the pictures. There's a surprising discovery at every turn, never a dull moment  when we study a collage. Do not be deceived, there is design in the apparent disorder.

Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day
Here in Malaysia, around this time of the year, there are more blooms than ever because it is the festive season. I have new plants which provide more gaiety to the Lunar New Year celebrations, and old plants that have felt obliged to put on a grand that is why my garden is really abundant with blooms now.Hope you enjoy the collage of festive blooms.

So there, I've done it...I have made it, all with one collage. 
Do click on the links of ABC Wednesday, Today's Flowers,  Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day, Fertilizer Friday, Mosaic know where to find them-at the bottom of the page, of course.
Happy travels from blog to blog, everyone.


  1. Rosie, beautiful arrangement of flowers for all those happy days! I envy your mosaics, still couldnt get how to do them yet...slow old brain!

  2. @ p3 - Thanks, I'm using picasa3-simple to use, and has more functions than picasa web albums.Just cuba-cuba, sooner or later it will work.

  3. oops, p3chandan, this is my new blog's user name, I haven't launched it yet, looks like I have to change the setting.
    Rosie, mygardenhaven

  4. Why don't you submit it for Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day tomorrow. Go to May Dreams Garden and put your URL in Mr. Linky. Very easy and you will get much traffic for gardeners all over the world. Hope to see you listed. Donna

  5. Que lindo, colorido e maravilhoso mosaico de flores diversas! Amei sua criatividade!

  6. VERY CLEVER the way you covered all the bases.

    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  7. Ha, ha, Rosie, I've done several two-fers before, but you take the prize at combining 5 memes into one today:) And what a stunning way to combine them all--your blooms are just beautiful!

  8. Great to see your mosaic of photos from warmer climates. Here in snow-covered Pennsylvania in the US, I managed to find some flowers. Happy GBBD, Carolyn

  9. @ GWGT - Thanks for the suggestion, Donna. Have just added my link there. I've just been too busy this week.Will be away next week too.

    @ Miriam Luiza - You said, "What a beautiful, colorful and beautiful mosaic of different flowers! Love your creativity!" Thank you so much for your comment.Sometimes being short of time forces one to be creative, haha.

    @ Roger - ;-)

    @ A Garden of Threads - Welcome to my blog, and thank you for your comment.

    @ Rose - Wasn't that terrible of me!? Wonder how I got away with it...

  10. aloha,

    what a beautiful mosaic, you have alot of sweet blooms from your garden

    thanks for sharing this today

  11. Nice mosaic, Rosie. I am a fan of them too. Gosh, so much in bloom you have there. Love that dianthus. Happy GBBD :-)

  12. What a lovely mosaic. It just makes me want to see more of your garden.

  13. Very beautiful arrangement of flower mosaic! You have very beautiful garden

  14. Great collage. Love the bunny rabbits.

  15. I really dig this collage and may have to give it a try. Happy to have found your blog!

  16. you are very efficient this week!!! I love the collage!!! your flowers are gorgeous and you are very creative! I hope you have a great week...thanks for linking in!

  17. hello Rosie, my fellow malaccan! thank you for stopping by, and my pleasure to be hopping over here. your garden must be one beautiful, bountiful, colorful haven indeed. my hydrangea plant is not flowering. do you happen to know how can i make it grow a bud? i use chicken manure fertiliser but still not working.

  18. That is an amazing collage! so much blooming on your garden

  19. Your garden looks like a happy place! Thanks for the mosaic. :o) I really love that red hydtrangea.

  20. Your collage is full of lovely flowers, bright and rosy, just like the owner ;-)

  21. Hi,sorry I was away for more than a week and couldn't respond to your comments earlier.

    @ noel - aloha and do come by often.
    @ shirl - thanks, I love dianthus too
    @ Birdwoman - thanks,and I'll look forward to your visits!
    @ Malar - thank you, so nice of you to say so.
    @ Mac - thanks, the bunnies were the celebrities in my garden this February
    @ ONG - try picasa3, fun and fast
    @ Tootsie - I thank you for your lovely comments; made my day!
    @ petite nyonya - my dear fellow nyonya, you can hop over to my garden anytime...we'll sit down and have kueh and drink milo together!
    @ fer - sometimes there are too many plants in my garden to give them all my individual attention! your balcony is a place where your plants get tender, loving care :-)
    @ Casa Mariposa - Hydrangea Heaven here right now...till the flowers fade.
    @ AB - I love your compliment!

  22. I like above all the flowers. each and every flowers are different category. I inspire this blog.


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