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Monday, February 14, 2011

Picture this - Gardening Gone Wild Contest

This is my favourite shot when I was on holiday in Beautiful New Zealand. Of all the fabulous photographs I had taken of majestic mountains, gushing geysers, lovely lakes and stupendous spring flowers, I choose this image to submit to this Gardening Gone Wild Contest. We happened upon this orchard where we could just leave our money and buy fresh, crunchy jazz apples on our journey down South Island. It was pure happiness for me, someone from the tropics who had never seen an apple tree, to be at this peaceful, serene orchard. Here, I offer a shot that captures the genius loci, the special atmosphere of the place; you can sense it, without it being intrusive, but it is there in the blurred background. The half-eaten apple in the foreground is of course expressive of this photographer's delirious first  bites of the (un)forbidden fruit. I shall always cherish the memory of that moment of exhilaration, of having a simple but real pleasure for me .


  1. I just had to tell you Rosie, I love this shot. You took a similar approach with the detail rather than the whole orchard and captured the whole essence with the bite out of the apple. I hope they see this as also sense of place.

  2. @ gardenwalkgardentalk - I'm so glad you think so! I also hope the organizers feel we have not deviated from the category.Or they could form a new category for us, haha. I think your fallen leave image is singularly memorable.

  3. i like the picture, almost like it's part of a bigger story.

  4. @ anonymous - that's a novel way of looking at it...never thought of it that way, thanks.

  5. Thats nice... It looks like a scene from Snow White...

  6. Rosie: The photo alone is a winner! But then when you share your pure joy on that day, in that place, and in that bite of the apple -- this post is extra special. Thanks for sharing the moment!


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