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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Patterns of Phalaenopsis Orchids

The repetition of similar shapes in the petals of the orchids below make a fine pattern in four different colours.These phalaenopsis flowers would make magnificent gift-wrap paper, prints or the cover of a magazine or a book.

All the plants below were posing coquettishly at this orchid nursery called "The World Of Phalaenopsis" waiting for me to capture their stunning patterned images.

For more patterns on Blooming Friday, please click on the Blooming Friday button to get to Katarina's blog at the bottom of this page.


  1. Beautiful patterns! loved that last one flower

  2. Lovely photos!
    Have a nice weekend! / Irene

  3. Hi Rosie, These orchid photos are lovely and I agree they would make very nice cards or a cover for a magazine. I especially like the first and last pink images. Enjoy your weekend! Jennifer

  4. Rosie, these lovely beauties, I prefer them live and in a bouquet anytime!

  5. Rosie, I'm sure they were waiting for you. You brought out the best in them.

  6. I do like your Orchids! The colours and the patterns are beautiful!

  7. @ IreneL - Thank you for visiting.Do drop in again, Irene.

    @ Jennifer@threedogsinagarden - Lovely to have you visit again Jennifer. How are your doggies?

    @ p3chandan - you know what happened to my phalaenopsis which I bought last year from "The World Of Phalaenopsis" in Gentings? The snails got to them when I was in New Zealand. Sigh...

    @ One - Thanks dear.

    @ Katarina - Hi there my dear meme host for Blooming Friday, thank you for visiting. I can't wait for your next challenging theme. I do so enjoy them.


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