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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Glimpses...of gardens in Capri

What lies behind these huge garden gates, barring trespassers from illegal entry? What hidden Mediterranean beauties kept protected from prying eyes? I long to ring the doorbell, but am denied getting even close to the door. Go away, curious traveller. These gardens are a sanctuary for only those who stay here.

Alas, I am only allowed a glimpse of the mysterious gardens along the quaint narrow streets of Anacapri. I have to be contented with that. I'll just walk down the hill to where the main street is and visit that cottage where the door is open all day. The lady of the house is happy to let visitors come in to her pretty garden to admire her plants. Such lovely blooms to inspire the weary traveller to seek more than a glimpse of gardens on the lovely Isle of Capri.


  1. Sometimes I wish I can wander and see the other side of people fence, how their garden is doing.

  2. All beautiful gardens. I wonder how the owners look like. They must be happy ppl. Thank you for sharing these beautiful photos.

  3. They are both beautiful! The lemons and white blooms really caught my eye.

  4. The garden is well kept, neat, clean and sweet.

  5. @ Malay-Kadazan girl - we as gardeners are always curious of other peoples' gardens...and we appreciate it so much when we get more than a glimpse.

    @ milka - All gardeners are basically happy people - aren't we??

    @ Amy -Such a delightful garden.

    @ Autumn Belle - If only mine could be as neat, sigh...


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