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Thursday, May 12, 2011

What brings me joy...a tranquil garden.

This is a repost from one of my earlier posts last year that I transferred 
from another blog to this one. 

Whilst  searching for what brings me joy for Travel-i-Tales' meme, 
MISSION QUITE POSSIBLE, I kept thinking of the time I was enthralled 
by one particular garden...a tranquil, joyful garden.

I found joy in this place we happened upon, in Ashburton, New Zealand. 
It is a privately owned country garden belonging to Alan & Catherine Trott. 
This award winning garden is open to the public. I can imagine it being a 
favourite venue for weddings. As we walked along the woodland garden, the 
birds were singing more joyfully than I've heard birds chirping elsewhere in 
the other gardens we've visited. You just cannot help but be happy there. I 
was telling Alan Trott as we were leaving that I could spend the whole day 
there just reading or dreaming. It has that kind of peaceful serenity you don't 
easily get to experience. Idyllic.

I love the woodland garden. Of course I couldn't identify all the plants there;
 so it was all the more exciting discovering strange " new" species.  Among 
those which are familiar to me are the rhododendrons and azaleas and maples. 
The colours were brilliant.

The formal garden is attractive in its own right. I would love to have that 
blue garden bench between two topiary plants in my own garden! Will be working 
on making that materialise one day. 

I wouldn't be able to have a knot garden like Trott's though. It is just too huge a 

My congratulations to the Trotts for producing a living, breathing 

Linking to MISSION QUITE POSSIBLE, Mission # 2


  1. Lovely garden. I like the wisteria arbor. To create a garden like this will require full dedication.

  2. Beautiful garden shots -- I love the wisteria and hydrangeas especially.


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