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Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Strangest Roots ...

Taken in Hanoi, Vietnam. These roots are like a community of strange-looking swamp inhabitants! What do they look like to you?

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  1. They are strange but artistic too. Reminds me of stalagmites. Beautiful capture!

  2. They look like small fairys, like a fairytail /Suss

  3. Very interesting. And I would have to agree with One that they look a lot like stalagmites

  4. Beautiful reflections. And yes, they do resemble stalagmites.

  5. Nature's beautiful sculptures. Interesting photo subject, the kind of scenery I'm always looking foe to photograph.
    See you later at Macro Flowers Saturday.

  6. They do look like swamp creatures!

  7. They look to me a like a population... a tribe with their own culture... with so firmly based deep rooted values that all they are is but roots......

    Another interpretation:-

    It's like the root men have finally come out to find out what is in the air or the wind around that they keep loosing their trunks ... They had heard it was called changing winds of changing times

    - The link may elaborate a bit



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