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Thursday, March 31, 2011

On the ground

I am going to be a good girl and abide by Katarina's theme closely this week. I am going to traverse the length and breadth of My Garden Haven and keep my eyes on the ground, looking for what is ON THE GROUND and not be distracted by what is above ground or underground!

Here are the results of my focused task:

A strange mushroom (or toadstool?) was found under my Norfolk pine trees, BUT nevertheless it was on the ground. I have never seen this in my garden before. I have seen the round white ones that look like button mushrooms, but those were not to be found that morning, only this one solo ULO (Unidentified Lying Object), lying on the ground. I was quite taken by it...great texture and fetching pattern, I thought.

A macro shot for Macro Friday.

Next I found these lovely little blooms of white and yellow lilies along the perimeter of my White-and-Yellow Flower Bed. They are lilies that I  that planted earlier in the year as bulbs, and syncronizing with the spring crocuses of my blogger friends in the temperate countries, my lilies are now to be discovered on the ground peering demurely up at the world! What a find...again signs of spring in my eternally summer tropical garden.


Here is a low bed of anthuriums found on the ground, in a semi-shaded part of my garden. This is especially for Tootsie as I'm flaunting my anthuriums today for Fertilizer Friday.
Now the yard art in the midst of the anthurium bed is not strictly categorized as a bloom, but it is blooming pretty, and it is on the ground, so I'm happy to include it for my post today.

See what else is on the ground at Blooming Friday and what else gardeners are flaunting on Fertilizer Friday and don't forget to visit Macro Friday and Yard Art onThursday too.

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  1. Hi Rosie, Wise people think alike right? I've prepared my post, waiting to post on Friday. There are some similarities. :)

  2. I like your mushroom. Really pretty texture and shiny too.

  3. Rosie Thank you for your visit today and you warm wishes. I have been waiting for this day for a very long time and I plan to enjoy every moment of retirement.

    Madi's Mom (being her mom is a full time job LOL).

  4. @ One - Did you also find a mushroom to post about? Haha, great minds lah.

    @ gwgt - What a find, eh?

    @ Madi and Mom - Maybe it is time to be a grandmom, now that you can devote 100% of your time to Madi.


  5. What beautiful flowers. Have a nice weekend.

  6. Cool mushroom. Very pretty flowers.

  7. That's an interesting way to look at things!

    Stopping by from Tootsie's place for Fertilizer Friday. I shared my azaleas on my other non-food blog "My New 30."

  8. Hi, here from Tootsies. Beautiful gardens! Interesting, lovely mushroom. I love fungi. Lived in Panama years ago, and it was funny to see house plants back in the states growing as big as trees in the tropics. Lovely post.

  9. Calling by from Tootsie Time as participating in Fertiliser Friday and really enjoying meeting everyone else. Glorious photos, particularly the lilies thanks for sharing.

  10. Nice to see the toadstool and little flowers. Not much to see here on the ground yet...but that may all change in just a few days. :)

  11. It's amazing to think those anthuriums are real! The only ones I usually see are silk! :o)

  12. @ Becca's Dirt, Darla, Mel Cole - Thank you so much for dropping in and leaving your comments. Happy you like the mushroom.

    @ Mary at Deep South Dish, Clipped Wings and LindyLouMac in Italy - Glad Tootsie brought us together. LindyLou, I'm also Rosie@travel-i-tales, so we've met.

    @ EG Wow - I am early awaiting that burst of spring flowers from your side of the world!

    @ Clipped Wings and Casa Mariposa - Glad you enjoyed seeing my tropical plants. You think those anthuriums look unreal, wait till I show you the giant anthurium I have. Clipped Wings, you are right about the size of our plants.


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