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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

My Shanghai Rose

This is a plant that I only know by the name Shanghai Rose. An exotic name that conjures up visions of  cabarets in the Shanghai of the 1920s? Ladies who sang in nightclubs and danced to American tunes.When jazz was hot in Shanghai. She does fit into that scene, my Shanghai Rose, doesn't she? Her look is definitely oriental, petite and rouged.


  1. That is stunning!!! So, so beautiful.

  2. I posted this before but didn't know the name. Thanks. I wouldn't have been able to guess the name. So beautiful but so different from roses.

  3. This Shanghai Rose is Jetropha integerrima, very beautiful, auspicious and useful - can be used to make biomass energy.

  4. I like the flower name. Very petite and chic.

  5. How beautiful! I love the photo and also the name!

  6. Hi Rosie, i'm back!! Thank you for your comment on my previous post.
    I only know this plant by it's chinese name 日日樱, she is gorgeous isn't she?

  7. Red Hot Shanghai Rose...This photograph is very well done.
    Joyce M

  8. And for some reason when you opened your entry that way, I pictured a flower left on a windowsill like it was a code. ☺ Okay, I think I'm overloading on mystery books. :D Beautiful pic!

  9. Beautiful rose and a gorgeous photo.

  10. wow! So so lovely like a beautiful lady. I love the name too.

    Thanks for the Watery Wednesday comment.

  11. It's more commonly known as the Shanghai Beauty or Rose-flowered Jatropha. Scientific name is Jatropha Inteferrima, can be found in any parks here.

  12. @ HOOTIN' ANNI, Rosie, Light and Voices, Eileeninmd - Thank you for your kind words.

    @ One, Autumn Belle, MKG, Kat and Jama - The mystery of the identity has now been cleared, thanks for your interest and for providing the info, girls.

    @ Raine - Maybe this might be the oriental flavoured prompt for a short story from you!Thanks for isiting.

    @ LindyLouMac in Italy and Milka - So glad you liked the flower, hoped it brightened your day.


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