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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

On the Cover of Passiflora Online Journal

I am super excited to announce that the first issue of Passiflora Online Journal is out today, and can be viewed on the website Passiflora Online. I was alerted by Myles Irvine, the webmaster for Passiflora Online by email this morning that the issue was out. When I clicked on the link, to my greatest surprise, I saw that my photograph was on the cover page!

Look, that's me!!! No, not the lizard, I mean that's a photograph I had taken of my passion flower! Well, what is more exciting is that my article on this flower can be found on pages 12 to 15. I had submitted my article to Myles who is the editor and publisher of Passiflora Online Journal (POJ) at the end of last year and we decided that a collaboration would make the article a comprehensive one. He  provides the history, the discovery and the mystery of this fabulous hybrid, while I provide the romance and the up close and personal profile of my Passiflora Soi Fah.

The team who worked on this first issue did such a wonderful job. The journal would appeal to any flower-lover, gardener, hybridizer, as well as people who love passion-fruit as there are articles about the benefits of passion fruit and even how to make a passion fruit drink!

Click on this to view the whole journal. 


  1. Big Applause. You did a great job and that photo is certainly a gem.

  2. Congrats Rosie. This is so wonderful to have and article and more so, the cover image. The photo is a real winner too. The beauty and the 'beast'. No not really, your lizard is really kinda cute. Your photo is lovely.

  3. Congratulations, Rosie! So proud of you! It is a great article with spectacular photos.

  4. Rosie, congratulations. One mentioned to me you're published, so i hurriedly opened your post. I am sure this really feels great especially because your photo is at the cover. More power to you!

  5. Hey... congrats... I somewhat connect to atleast the word pasiflora..... and the picture too... it was the cover page of my bio book in school and I loved biology :)

    Thanks for sharing.... must be a moment of pride for you... :)

    Take care

  6. It's a great capture Rosie - Congratulations!

  7. Wow.


    Congratulations to you. Be proud--well earned and well chosen.

  8. Hey Rosie, that's great! Congratulations n Celebrations Girl. Way to go...

  9. Congrats that is a really cool photo it deserves the cover!

  10. Congratulations. That's a great shot!

  11. To each and everyone of you...thank you so much for sharing in my excitement. You are simply the most warm-hearted bunch of bloggers that I have had the pleasure of meeting here on my blog.

  12. Congrats and much deserved praise...wonderful photo and article...


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