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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Horizons in New Zealand

Here are some horizons I have been privileged to have been able to photograph during my travels. These are unforgettable moments  that I would always want to keep in my memory...and when the memory fails to recall the details, these photographs will enable the magical moments to live on.

No matter how far I roam, no matter how inspiring the beauty of foreign horizons, the horizon that I can see from my  window at home is where my imagination takes flight at the end of the day...

I would like to thank Roses and Stuff for offering me a chance to post my favourite pictures on horizons. For more of the theme "horizons", you can visit Blooming Friday when you click on the link at the bottom of this page.


  1. Hi Rosie.
    Very beautiful pictures.
    Have a nice weekend.
    Kh Lone

  2. Beautiful, beautiful pictures ! I love them all. And I think the same as you there, the home horizon is the best, even if it´s not the most beautiful of all. Wish you a good weekend
    Lisa/Lisas trädgård

  3. I just love the fifth of your six pictures. they are all very good, but it is the fifth that makes me take that makes my day just perfect. Thank you.


  4. A beautiful selection of pictures. I would happily visit any of those places!
    Have a lovely weekend.

  5. Oh My!! You are sharing some stunning and majestic horizons today!! Gorgeous!! I should love to walk into each one of them and stay for a month or two.

  6. Amazing pictures.
    I love them all.
    Thanks for sharing
    Have a nice weekend

  7. Wow..lovely photos!
    Have a nice weekend! / Irene

  8. Picture perfect photos for beautiful memories Rosie! No matter how far you trave, home is where the heart is..

  9. Thank you Lone, Lisa and Anette for your feedback.The fifth photo was taken at Milford Sound on a misty morning...I like the mysteriousness of the whole environment there.

    Carol, you would have loved Lake Tekapo,(pic 1) The serene blue water there is surreal. My favourite place for a holiday. Pic 2 was taken from a mountain-top in Queenstown, pic 3 is Lake Wanaka, also breath-takingly lovely and pic 4 are the mirror lakes along the road to Milford Sound.
    Easy gardener, if you get a chance, a visit to South Island of New Zealand is the best present you could give yourself.
    Thanks to Gunilla and IreneL for your visit and comments.
    Chandan, yes, nicely put...home is where the heart is!

  10. Amazing landscapes! I bet you had a lot of fun on your travels

  11. Fantastic sceneries! Photos do make you remember precious moments.

  12. Thanks Fer, yes I enjoy my travels and the natural beauty of nature makes it even more enjoyable.

    @Katarina - Yes, and where would we garden-bloggers be without photos today?

    @Lena/isis and Autumn Belle - Thanks for visiting.


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