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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Chongqing in Spring

Hi there dear friends, I've been in absentia and I have missed almost two months of posting here on Mygardenhaven. After two cruises in March, I am ready to start posting in April. There's a surprise for you too, check out the bottom of the page for a Giveaway!

Not all of China was abloom in Spring. When we were in Shanghai, it was practically winter there - bare trees, cold, foggy weather. However, after nine days on the Yangtze River, when we reached Chongqing,the sun was out, and it was just lovely to see blossoms everywhere we went.

The Chongqing Zoological Garden where these photographs were taken, has a well-designed landscape, and the various trees were ablaze with colourful blossoms.

For Haiku Heights:

is it possible
you don't remember my face?
 blurred blossoms in mist

For Sensational Haiku Wednesday:

my happiness is 
meeting again in springtime
redbuds beam, aflame

My Giveaway to garden lovers is something you would find lovely to own, and precious to a gardener. Here it is:

Dana Smith from Sunset Books surprised me with an invitation from the Garden Editors to attend the launch of the New Sunset Western Book in California. Another perk was books for me and to give away to my readers! Isn't that just terrific? I've received mine, and I love, love it!
Hence, I have come up with an event to find 5 winners to receive this special giveaway. Just click on this link to get to the event on my fashion blog:

If you do not already own a copy of the New Sunset Western Book, you would want one. It has 728 pages chock-full of tips, photos and advice. The contents include:
  • Tomorrow's Garden
  • The West's Climate Zones
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  1. A lovely haiku and gorgeous photos!

    1. Thanks, Karen. I love yours with that bounce of happiness.

  2. What gorgeous pictures, wow! You really captured the beauty of the gardens. Such wonderful photography. I am not interested in the giveaway, I just wanted to comment on your pictures! Thank you so much for sharing them!

  3. now those are true haiku in the full spirit of haiku

  4. Replies
    1. This is definitely the best compliment I've ever received for my attempts at haiku. Thank you so much, I'm overjoyed.

  5. Wonderful photos ~ they bring back memories for me ~ I loved my visit to China and Tibet ~thanks, namaste, ^_^

    1. Have you seen the Yellow Mountain, Huangshan? The best mountain scenery I've seen in China. Will be posting that soon in my travel-i-tales blog.

  6. Welcome back, and what wonderful photos.

    1. So great to be able to get re-connected and visit your garden.

  7. Replies
    1. t'was last spring
      ye of short memory
      my olde friend, MMT!
      :) :) :)
      I like your response, my dear MMT.

  8. Thank you so much for this lovely walk in the garden!!!! Cathy

  9. such a perfect infusion of beauty, which always brings me joy,
    thank you!!!

    1. Thank you, Rebecca, for your visit...when we find joy in Nature's beauty, we just have to share that joy!

  10. Thank you for this flowery joy !

  11. Hello Rosie my first visit here over from Share the Joy. There is obvious joy here and your photography is amazing. I too love flowers but not able to have a lot. As soon as the danger of frost is over in Central Ky. I will have some annuals. Blessings

  12. "redbuds beam, aflame" what a garden! Beautiful!

  13. Beautiful post ~~ welcome back!
    Visiting from Sensational Haiku Wednesday ~~ Dig In and Dig Out

  14. Rosie -- what a beautiful garden you've featured! It touches my heart (without triggering pollen sensitivity). Thanks for that.

  15. Lovely pictures, and terrific haiku! So good to see you again!

  16. HOLY moly.......what GORGEOUS places you got to visit. And what beauty you captured.

    Welcome back, ma'am.
    I'm not a FB person, but I do wish folks the best of luck on that giveaway you've got going on.

    WOW.....I can only imagine the heavenly scents that must have surrounded you......

  17. thanks for sharing your wonderful flowers with us :)

  18. Oh...such wonderful flowers and nice pictures ...super...
    Greetings Karin

  19. absolutely amazing blossoms! marvelous photos.

    Tiger's Tail

  20. Good to see you again, and your beautiful photos.
    These wonderful flowers are a feast for the eye.
    Have a great weekend!

  21. A treat to see such beautiful photos! The garden is breathtakingly beautiful!!

  22. Love the marco passion fruit flower. Amazing photos of all the other flowers. Do you travel the world to chase the seasons?

  23. Thank you for sharing your lovely haiku and beautiful photos!

  24. Absolutely beautiful place Rosie.

  25. Glorious bloom and enjoyed the haiku.

  26. Rosie, i really envy your travels, and you always time it to the best environment. One more envy is how you can maintain those number of blogs, haha. I also added one blog yesterday, am just starting so still enthusiastic!

  27. Rosie, i really envy your travels, and you always time it to the best environment. One more envy is how you can maintain those number of blogs, haha. I also added one blog yesterday, am just starting so still enthusiastic!

  28. Rosie, I'm sorry I've been very busy lately and didn't have time to participate in the contest. I'm so happy whenever I visit you here. The gardens are beautiful!

  29. Fantastic photography and beautiful texture! Very interesting post.It is a pleasure to visit your site.
    Hope to see you on my blog:)

  30. Can't stop admiring those flowers! Thanks for sharing :)


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