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Friday, December 16, 2011

My dancing hibiscus

I've been collecting hibiscus (mainly the double variety) and have a number of different colours. The double variety appeals to me not only because they are bigger, and fabulously showy, but also because they are great as subjects for photography. Their petals appear to have motion...and the flower seems to be doing a dance routine each time I get close to them with my camera.

This one is decidedly showy!

See what I mean...this one just won't keep still...she is swaying to the music of a waltz.

A Viennese Waltz!

This ballerina has just done a pirouette and is about to take a bow.

The single hibiscus is more sedate, this one is looking down in a pensive mood.

This one is looking up, as if posing for a glamour shot.

Pure and demure... 

Here's a double in action, wings spread out, ready to cha cha cha!

I like this rhumba posture, don't you?

This is a flamenco, hot and fiery!

Smokin' hot colours of the samba!

She's dressed for dancing, but could she be a wallflower after all?


memories of a shy dancer
(a tanka form)
shy dancer looks down
twists the programme in her hands
music fills her soul
 longs to step onto the floor
some one asks her, she shrinks back

alone by the wall

heart pounding to the rhythm
feet crossed, motionless
night creeps on midst revelry
trapped in bubble, she breaks free

(Haiku for Sensational Haiku Wednesday)
 time of timid youth
fettered by painful reserve 
prepare to blossom


  1. Hibiskusy są pięknym kwiatami, a Ty im zrobiłaś przepiękne zdjęcia i dodałaś miłe opisy. Pozdrawiam

  2. thanks for this wonderful serie of flowers! so beautiful ♥
    there is a trick to don´t forget the voting:
    just follow me - i´m always sending a reminder when voting starts :)

  3. wunderschön...wie der Sommer
    LG vom katerchen

  4. I likee your first photo of the single white hibiscus, it's nicely in focus Rosie.

  5. Oh, how lovely!
    Why, oh why, am I not growing hibiscus?
    I just wrote hibiscus on my Garden Want List!
    Mississippi, USA

  6. I love your dancing ladies. They are a Joy. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Pretty dancing blooms, Rosie. The post was cutely done, with beautiful images.

  8. The pure white is so elegant, and that red with elongated double petal I saw for the first time. What i see here is the orange. Do you not encounter aphids on them? How do you keep them healthy?

  9. The white ones definitely make me think of Swan Lake. Nice collection, Rosie!

  10. Stunning--as usual--photos. Beautiful poem to compliment them; wonderful haiku to cmpliment the poem. Great post. I always enjoy your offering!
    Something to share with you:
    My poem:

  11. Your hibiscus are gorgeous, Rosie!

  12. I wish I could sit in your garden and watch the hibiscus dance!

  13. What a lovely poem to accompany all the gorgeous flowers. The hibiscus are all so pretty but the colors of the last one are my favorite.

  14. this is perfectly elegant,

    Happy Rally.
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

  15. Hey Rosie, It's been a while but it's a thrill to visit your awesome work. I think the white is almost magical. Keep up the great work my friend.

  16. you have a fine collection of hibiscus images.

  17. What colorful variety!
    I really love that last shot of the vibrant flamenco.

  18. Beautifully words to go with awesome flowers.

  19. What a feast of gorgeous flowers!
    Hibiskus is such a happy flower, these bright colors feel you with energy, just watching the pictures.
    Nice words too, you are a tallented poet.

  20. OHmygosh.....they're just gorgeous. So many different colours and kinds. They're wonderful, Rosie.

    And I adored the Haiku--well done.

  21. Such a showy Hibiscus! You have excellent collection of them

  22. Stunning hibiscus photos!!! And I love your passion flower header photo too.

    THE GREEN THING [and some red too]

  23. did you see the reminder post on your dashboard? :)

  24. "prepare to blossom" is a great line. A challenge! Well done :)

  25. Hello.
    These are glorious & the captions for them are cute too. I'm awestruck by their beauty.
    Fantastic photos Rosie!
    Thanks for sharing.

    For ref:
    Firebrand Of The Heart

  26. Your tanka and haiku lines strike an interesting contrast in their depiction of a shy dancer (or dancers?), with the bold, showy beauty reflected in your bright photographs. I like that-- it suggests perhaps that the shy ones may have a vibrant beauty under the surface that they are yearning to bring out into the world and put into action.

  27. Hi Rosie; I wish you a blessed 2012.

  28. Really nice collections! Love them all ;) Wish you happy new year 2012.

  29. Hibiscus is very pretty and photogenic. Nice collection you have there. Hope you have a good year this year.


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