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Monday, April 4, 2011

Yellow Is The Colour Of My True Love's Hair

I sort of vaguely remember that there's a song with such a title. Is there? It is just that when I look at the spray of yellow orchids that I am posting today, the lyrics keep popping into my head...

These photographs above were taken when I was in Auckland in the Winter Garden conservatory. Presented here for Mellow Yellow.


The two macros are orchids from my own garden, served up for Macro Monday.

These two plants have been faithfully blooming for years...they certainly understand the art of aging gracefully!The mosaic above showing the plants from way back , when they were younger, is made for Mosaic Monday.

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  1. what a beautiful yellow world.

  2. Oh wow these flowers are so gorgeous!


  3. wow these are so incredibly beautiful...just popping with all that hot color...and yes there is an old song with those lyrics

  4. Stunning orchids - I love both the flowers and the photos!

  5. Gorgeous!

    Please come see my entry, thank you!

  6. Gorgeous details and colors in the orchid photos.

    Happy Macro Monday!

  7. What lovely photos. I can't believe you grew those orchids yourself! I've never gotten one to rebloom.

  8. You have a photo ready for themed Thursday on BW as well then. :) Beautiful photos.

  9. Those are really beautiful flowers!! Yellow is the only color in my garden right now. But that's ok - it's one of my favorite!! :o)

  10. wow....this is breath taking!

  11. I love the combination of the deep bright yellow and the deep red. It is very stunning.

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    Namaste from a fellow blogger.

    Dharma Chick


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