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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A Chinese New Year Greeting

    To all my friends,


               Wishing you a happy
             and  prosperous 
          Lunar New Year.
           May the year of the Rabbit
              bring you abundant joy
            and perfect health.


  1. My dear Rosie, Happy New Year. Your hydrangeas are lovely and the bunnies very cute. Yay, Roger Rabbit and family and Bugs Bunny, all are coming to town tonite. Gong Xi Fa Cai!

  2. My hydrangeas are blooming too Rosie but yours have the good company of Bunny and family to usher in the new lunar year. Have a properous and Happy Chinese New Year Rosie!

  3. Rosie Happy New Year and I send wishes for peace and abundance for you and your family!!

  4. Dear Rosie, Selamat Tahun Baru Cina. Wish you good health and properous year.

  5. Rosie, Happy New year and all the best ! Lula

  6. Hey Rosie!

    Happy new year! Best wishes for my friend & buddy blogger ;)

  7. Happy lunar new year to you, too! I like the garden rabbits as your illustration. :)

  8. Hi Rosie, how's your celebrations of your New Year? Just dropping by again to award you the Stylish Blogger Award, cos I think you got style! Come and get it from my blog if you have time ok. Happy holidays!

  9. happy new year! hope you have the best year

  10. Rosie, Gong Xi Fa Chai! Hope you have a prosperous year ahead!

  11. @ All my dear friends- thank you so much for your lovely greetings.Will be back posting new stuff next week.

  12. Hi Rosie, thank you so much for the wish and gift of your beautiful flowers. God bless,

  13. Dear Rosie. Gong Xi Fa Cai, Hope this year more success and prosperous than last year.

  14. Just dropping by again to inform that I have extend you an award. Please feel free to collect it at my blog! I think some others have invite you too!

  15. @ Oregon Gifts of Comfort and Joy -Hi Kathy, the Chinese Year Year festivities are still going on - we celebrate for 15 days. Will be trying to fit in some time for my blog.

    @ Orchid de dangau - Thanks very much for your greetings.

    @ Malar - Thanks for the award...was going to extend the award to you, but saw that you had been awarded earlier!


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