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Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Auckland Domain

I was going through my photographs which I took during my three weeks' visit to New Zealand last year, and was surprised to discover that I had not featured a few botanic gardens in full. I had merely combined some photographs from different botanic gardens which were featured in posts under the subject of garden design, and garden ornaments, etc. There were lots and lots of photographs of each particular garden that were not shared, lying in cold storage in my hard disk. How remiss of me. And what a was like paying a second visit to those remarkable gardens all over again!

So, here we go...let's start with North Island, in Auckland, to be precise, the first city we flew in to, for the start of our self-drive holiday. I had previously featured in full the Fo Guang Shan Temple Garden in Auckland, under the post heading, Temple Garden of Peace and Harmony. Now I'm going to cover an even bigger garden, all 75 hectares, of the Auckland Domain...the oldest, largest, and most diverse park in all of Auckland. However what is most fascinating to me is that this domain is actually around the rim of a crater of a volcano! I was glad to find out, though, that the Pukekawa  is an extinct volcano, so we were on solid, non-shaky ground.

I really do not know where to start; this tour is going to be quite random...I'll be darting from one end to another and probably go criss-crossing and zig-zagging all over the place. Just bear with me. I always get excited where there are so many beautiful flowers and lovely scenery.

You have to see the Wintergardens first. It is a protected heritage site.

There are two glasshouses - one for temperate plants, and the other for tropical plants.

You can see what I mean about the lovely flowers...I take photo after photo, darting here and there pretty much like a bumble bee after some choice nectar.

(For Sensational Haiku Wednesday)

count all your blessings 
numbers one to one  hundred
fragrant flowers smile

In between the two glasshouses is this enclosed courtyard. There is a huge waterlily pond here, and of course the Grecian statues add to the charm of this courtyard.

revelation of life
hidden under surface calm
roots strain to anchor

Haiku Heights - Prompt "hidden"

Outside, there are more lovely images for the lens to capture. Century-old trees, native flowers amidst large bushes, white roses, skies, and nothing but blue skies.

As I approach the top of Domain Hill, I can see the Auckland Museum, an impressive building of  neo -Greek architecture.

Walking towards the Michael Joseph Savage Memorial, I catch a glimpse of the blue sea beyond. I quicken my steps as I know that's where there's more beauty to capture. And I was right, here they are... the panoramic views of Waitemata Harbour, Auckland City and Whenua Rangatira.


A Summer Vacation
(for Poetry Picnic)

A salute to the beaming sun
for his gregarious, golden glow
A hearty jubilation
for the mesmerising ebb and flow 
of the throbbing, rhythmic sea

A tribute I joyfully sing out loud
dedicated to the azure skies,
the billowy clouds, 
the flirtatious breeze
whispering endearments in my ears

I am brimming with bliss,
not a care, just peace
in my heart
there's the warmth of a summer's touch  

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  1. Wow! Your posts are always so awesome. I love flowers, and you take me to some beautiful places that are filled with them! Love it!

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  2. magical garden and vacation views.
    lovely Haiku.

  3. Gardens are such a haven -- a quiet place full of color, texture, scent. And you can revisit the feelings of joy by merely looking at pictures you've taken in these special places. Bravo!

  4. you are a diehard romantic and you really travelled far and wide my friend! my entry..

  5. beautiful. so many unfamiliar flower varieties. thank you for sharing your photos. new zealand is on my travel bucket list. someday i hope to get there.

  6. How sweet and warm. A very pleasant use of words.

  7. Things hidden under the surface are often surprisingly strong--but sometimes also surprisingly fragile.

    Hidden things here and here and here

  8. So many sensational flowers. Just gorgeous.

  9. Thank´s for sharing!
    Lovely places and photos!

  10. What a lovely garden. Thanks for sharing this beautiful pictures with Weekend Flowers :)

  11. A very beautiful place Rosie. It was a joy to visit and I enjoyed your Haiku.

  12. What beautiful gardens, Rosie! My favorite is the wisteria that is pruned as a tree, and so full of bloom. If you would like, feel free to link this or another travel post to my meme Travels Near And Far on the 15th of each month. Have a wonderful wknd!

  13. Hi Rosie, as always a glorious post, although with so many photos it took rather longer than normal to load this evening.
    I took part in the Skywatch meme for the first time this week, it has been fun to see stunning skies from all around the world.

  14. I love all the flowers and your post is so glorious please keep sharing and especially your images.

  15. Wow, huge, lovely post! Loved your haiku; thanks for joining us.

  16. Beautiful shots and a real blessing of nature!! I can go crazy just counting the number of variety there. :)

  17. I love the stunning array of beautiful flowers everywhere. The location of the garden, close to the ocean is also wonderful!

  18. What a lovely feast for the eyes!!
    I love the flowers hanging like a lovely natural chandlier in the fourth photo and I'm amazed by the lily pads which are such soothing images!
    Carletta@Carletta's Captures

  19. Thanks for this amazing tour among these gorgeous flowers and fairy places. I enjoyed each minute of it.

  20. You really stumbled across a wonderland of florall delights!

  21. WoW!
    Awesome photos...reminds me of why I love flowers!

    I thoroughly enjoyed this post.
    Thanks for sharing.

    Under Blinking Stars

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    Rose Buds is my share for Today's Flower. Hope you can come and comment.

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  25. This is just breathtaking!! :)


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