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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Garden of A Thousand Flowers

I have posted on my garden visits in many parts of the world, but have not had the time to post on the gardens in my hometown. This one which I am posting about has an ambitious name, "Taman Seribu Bunga", meaning Garden of A Thousand Flowers.

The last time I visited it, there were lots of orchids in bloom. This time...none. I was a little disappointed, but the other areas made up for that. 

Let's go in and count the flowers! 

Colourful carpet of annuals at the entrance to the public garden

This grove of Golden Chain trees greets us from the car park area.

Lophantera lactescens

Manicured garden with hardscapes including gazebos are found throughout the grounds.

A close-up of the Mussaenda philippica also known as Buddha's Lamp, Bangkok Rose (the bushes in the previous photo, to the left)

This walkway is lined with clumps of  bamboo  on the left.

This path has a row of  heliconia  backed by tall palms on the left.


Heliconia augusta

Drunken Sailor, or  Quisqualis indica, all  in a row.

Giant-leaved yam plants.

Musa ornata, a tall banana tree with  lavender flowers. The yellow stamen-looking off-shoots must be the beginnings of young combs of bananas. The ants want the first taste, I see.

Sweet pink Peacock Flowers

Caesalpinia pulcherrima

Philodendron bipinnatifidum

Another mussaenda variety

Mussaenda luteola, dwarf yellow variety called White Wing. You can see why.

"Misai Kucing", meaning Cat's Whiskers

Orthosiphon aristatus

 My favourite part of the garden

Topiaried bougainvillea with a carpet of annuals beneath them.

If your count hasn't reached one thousand, my job has not ended. I shall have to  make another visit to this garden for more tropical delights. The bromeliads, ferns and palms are waiting for their turn to be featured in the next segment of Taman Seribu Bunga.

In the garden...
(my first tanka for submission  to Poetic Form at The Purple Tree House)

temptation beckons
passion reaches for a taste
tainted fruit so sweet
faded petals on the ground
soiled for all eternity

written by rosie gan

( also for Poetry Picnic Week #1)

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  1. That's some lovely gardens. Great photos you captured.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  2. Very beautiful tropical garden. . .I would love to stroll the walkways!
    I am kind of a 'garden junkie' too! Any chance to check out
    a new garden and I'm 'all in'!
    Thank you for sharing,

  3. What a beautiful garden!
    We have a golden chain tree in our yard. Oh when it blooms it is so beautiful but the hay fever from it is aweful!
    Thank you for taking us for a stroll in this garden.

  4. Certainly a garden of a thousand delights and just the sort of place I would love to visit.

  5. Your garden pictures are always so uplifting and inspiring! Thank you!

  6. Your garden photos are beautiful! The pink flower is lovely. I'd love to visit those gardens. I look forward to seeing more garden posts!
    Thank you for stopping by earlier. Have a great day!

  7. Gardens, how many there are to visit whether in peoples' yards or ones created to draw visitors. Maine is full of beauties. Thanks so much for your visit which led me to you.

  8. I love the imagery in your poem - it really captures the feeling some of your photos give of a wonderful, colorful garden. Well done!

  9. The gardens are beautiful.
    Your poem would fit the "Adam and Eve" request.
    It tell is all. Thank you very much.

  10. The images are so beautiful and so are the lines that follow in harmony :)


  11. A wonderful garden! And so many fabulous plants and flowers!
    Thanks for sharing your marvellous shots. And thanks for visiting and taking the time to comment;o)

    ¤ Have a nice and happy day ¤

  12. Oh, I think there's way over a million flowers in this garden! How beautiful, every picture is another breath-stealing scene. Absolutely stunning place to visit and I loved the fountain, too.

  13. The garden looks beautiful and well kept, really a thousand of flowers!

  14. Beautiful/......

  15. hi rosie! takes a lot of passion to admire gods creation! glad to be of acquaintance through promising poets- my posting this week~

  16. I think the photos in themselves were pure poetry! Beautiful and so exotic (for me at least)!

  17. Love your tanka. It says it so well.

    I also really enjoyed all your garden of delight pictures. Wonderful.

  18. These are beautiful pics. Ordinary items given the talented touch could create wonders. Thanks for sharing!


  19. Beautiful gardens Rosie and I enjoyed reading your poem. I love this line "passion reaches for a taste" Well done for a first go :)

  20. A wonderful and refreshing tour through the gardens ... beautiful composition!!

  21. I cannot begin to tell you how much I sincerely appreciated both your Waku and your beautiful photographs of the gardens! It has certainly been my distinct pleasure to visit your lovely site. Thank you ever so much!

  22. Lovely garden photos and your first Tanka is excellent.


  23. Wow amazing photos and images. I have visited many lands and garden are ones I live to spend a lot of time in. My entry this week is

  24. Beautiful tanka with beautiful pictures... Perfect combo. ^^


  25. Ce gradina splendida,iubesc florile si gradinile.M-am plimbat pe aleile luxuriante,virtuos.Multumesc!!


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